How does this even work?

Good afternoon from London everyone.

I’m going to be honest with you – I thought I’d become blog-famous by now.

Okay maybe not famous but have at least a few people chatting with me on here and stuff. I don’t even know how this site works. Is it like a posh version of Twitter? Where you talk about yourself to yourself (like Twitter) but you have to spell correctly and write elaborately?

I’ve posted a couple of blogs so now what? Wait? Blog some more? How do I know if people are actually reading my shit? I don’t want to be talking to myself, I have Twitter for that! Can you add hashtags on this? Okay let me give it a go. Here goes. #Blog

Okay I’ll probably have to wait until I post this to see if I’ve created some kind of link. I’ll either look like a genius or a twat. Let’s have a play with some of the buttons below. I can see the first 3 are; bold, italic and underline. I haven’t fuck*d about with HTML since MySpace! I’m scared if I post I’ll get crazy letters and symbols everywhere so I’ll just leave out using those. Can you swear in here? I’ll censor it whenever I do because I’m nice like that.

I’m guessing the next one is to put a line through your text, because there is a line through some text. Okay next one is to make a link. That could be useful. Then we have quotation marks. Why not just use the symbols on the keyboard? Lazy shi*s. The last one I have no clue. The HTML says “more” or something. Won’t bother with that.

Can anyone help? Help me become more blog savvy? I’m just a Londoner spewing some dribble from my brain at the moment. I’d like to become the Eric Cantona (Enigmatic footballer) of blogging one day.



Psychoanalysis via Spotify

I’m back. Just saw a post that told me what to post about. Weird. Anyway, I liked the idea of showing you what kind of music I last listened to on Spotify (mainly because I want to prove to you how diverse my taste is) so here are the last 5 songs I played:

1: Killing Me Softly with His Song (Fugees)
2: Just Can’t Get Enough (The Saturdays)
3: I Shot the Sheriff (The Wailers)
4: Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)
5: Jerk It Out (Caesars)



Hi there.

First of all, if by some miracle you’ve stumbled across my blog, great!

I’m trying to stay low-key here, so I imagine it being pretty difficult for me to really get out there and have many people read my stuff, without sharing my info on Twitter or FB. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing for a guy trying to stay undercover, though it would be nice to have people follow (is that the correct term?!) and give feedback on whatever it is I have to share. I’m planning to use his space to free my mind.

I’ve never made a personal blog that talks about myself but, I think would be cool to maybe get some outside feedback. 

I wanted to actually make this blog yesterday night so I could talk about the hummus sandwich I was making and some girlfriend trouble (I’m not normally that boring) but I didn’t. Probably for the better anyway, would have been a shit blog. 

Okay so let me tell you a bit about myself; I’m a guy, I live in London. I love football and I support Man Utd (insert insult here). I can come across very opinionated. I can admit to my faults, I don’t have any problems in doing so. I’m a straight-talker and very open, I’d tell you to ask people I know, but I, trying to stay low-key. I can see that’s going to be difficult… I study architecture (not as glamorous as it sounds) and I enjoy all kinds of music. Literally whatever I like the sound of. I like to think I have an open mind.

Okay, I think this will suffice for my first post. Thanks again for taking the time to read through it. Look forward to hearing from you – DC

[Diamond Cutter]